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Every interior design journey begins with an initial consultation either onsite at your property or at our studio.

During this time we run through your ideas and goals and offer suggestions, present you with samples and help find the best solutions for your project.

This consultation might be all you need gain the direction and confidence to kick start your project.

However, if you require further assistance we will happily present you with a design proposal for your project.

Our Services

The Team at Carla Rausch Designs pride themselves on a down to earth, personable and attentive approach with each and every client.

Providing our clients with innovative and unique designs infused with passion and flare. CR Designs are industry leaders in the interior design community. 

Carla Rausch Designs offers a range of services from Interior Design to Colour Consultancy and Property Styling. For more information check out the Frequently Asked Questions on below.

Design Services


Colours, flooring, window treatments and furniture selections.

Lighting & Tile Plans

Lighting specification and design, tile selections and allocation plans.

Floor Plans

Conceptual floor plan design for kitchen, bathrooms, homes and commercial spaces,

2D or 3D Elevations

Conceptual  2D or 3D elevations for any interior or exterior spaces.

3D Renders

Conceptual realistic 3D renders for any interior or exterior spaces.

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