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The Timeless Townhome

LOCATION: Main Beach
STATUS: Completed March 2018
SCOPE: Renovation

This four-bedroom townhome in Main Beach was built in the 80s when the Gold Coast's take on the Mediterranean style was in its prime. A jewel in it's day, this home was now dated and in need of a huge update. Our brief was timeless; the owners did not want to renovate this space ever again. So the CRD team designed once and designed well...

High-end opulence now holds its own in this glamorous townhome. Cornices, bulkheads, doors and balustrades that previously dated the property have been given a new lease on life. Unique, high-end furnishings with simple lines and touches of elegance will hold their own in this property that now oozes opulence and charm. Black textiles and gold accents create a luxurious atmosphere whilst the deep timber floors and white duck walls ensure this space will be timeless forever.


Who said you could never teach an old dog new tricks?

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