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Gold Coast Interior Design Goes Bold!

Product Image above from "Uniqwa Furniture Gold Coast" (Supplier)

In the past years the Gold Coast has been growing quicker than ever before and it is not set to slow down. With residential and commercial projects popping up all over the place the Gold Coast Interior Design industry has started to build their own style and this year it has gone BOLD!

Gold Coast interior design is known for it’s touches of high-class glitz and glam, and this isn’t stopping in 2016. Metals like copper, brass and silver are beginning to sneak in, taking the forms of sleek lighting fixtures and geometric ornaments. A wide range of suppliers have started to build on this trend and we are seeing these materials in all sorts of collections, from the stylish lamps and pendants by Boyd Blue[1] all the way to new home wares ranges by Kmart[2].

Coupled with the metals, bold pops of colour are creating a modern-contemporary look for Gold Coast interior design. Designers are going crazy with bright pops of turquoise and passion fruit orange, so definitely don’t be afraid to accent your home with something a little out there. Feature pieces like mustard bed heads are a great way to create a little interest in a natural bedroom; For a higher impact add a contrasting peacock blue to the mix. If you are feeling extra creative find a bold piece, like a dark-orange armchair (check this one out)[3], to create a statement in your home. Be brave and go bold!

If you’re not feeling overly confident to add a lot of colour straight away, start bringing in smaller pieces that you can chop and change like cushions or bright table-top ornaments. Remember to carefully consider your colour scheme before starting to make sure it all flows. If you’re having doubts in your styling ability a Gold Coast Interior Design expert at Carla Rausch Designs will always be happy to help assist.

[1] Lighting Range from Boyd -

[2] Copper Trend Collection from Kmart -

[3] Replica Grant Featherston Contour Lounge Chair in Dark Orange with Walnut Legs from Matt Blatt -

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