Gold Coast Property Styling

CRD will assist you in Gold Coast property styling for your home. We can stage your spaces perfectly for your open days from curb-side to back yard, inside and outside, to ensure the best possible return for your investment.

We make sure your first impression counts - achieving that quick sale and allowing you to move on to your next venture sooner.

Homes or businesses may languish on the property market for months due to poor presentation and this equates to practically giving away thousands of dollars in the biggest asset most of us will have in our lives.  Don’t throw this hard earned money away!

Gold Coast Property Styling or Property Staging as it’s sometimes called, isn’t as easy as it seems – sometimes it’s hard to see how others view your home, sometimes it comes down to whether you can muster up the time and energy to plan, coordinate and get the work done, maybe you’ve already moved out. That’s where we can help you.

Our Gold Coast Property Styling Options

Depending on the Gold Coast property styling package you choose, we can:


Provide you with a 'Do It Yourself' Option

We visit you in your home and provide you with tips and advice to enhance your property for sale room by room. This is a DIY at your own leisure based on our ideas, recommendations and suggestions plus you receive our DIY Gold Coast property styling tips and advice report.


Work with your existing furniture and accessories

We can rearrange, declutter and recreate spaces to flow with ease so they are visually pleasing and practical for your potential buyers. Pricing varies due to your property size, needs and requirements. A personalised Gold Coast property styling quote will be provided to you upon site visitation.


Assist you with the Photoshoot presentation

We can assist you with getting ready on the day of the photoshoot for marketing, and be present with the photographer to ensure everything is looking it’s very best for the marketing photos as we work alongside your photographer for the correct placement of furniture and items to ensure your home is captured at its absolute best. 


Supplement your furniture and accessories with some of ours

Perhaps you just need a few more of the right pieces to finish off and compliment your home. Pricing varies due to your property size, needs and requirements. A personalised Gold Coast property styling quote will be provided to you upon site visitation. 


Assist with the Open home setup for presentation

We come along and assist you on the day of

your open home to help take away some the stress and work load by assisting you in having your home “Presentation ready”! It may be just the very first one you would like assistance with or every open home, the choice is yours.


Entirely furnish your vacant property

Furniture Rental packages available with your very own stylist to put it all together. We take into account the size and style of your home to put together the perfect selection of furniture. A personalised Gold Coast property styling quotation will be provided to suit your individual needs and budget. 

Our Gold Coast Property Styling & Furniture Hiring fees are more affordable than you think and they will help you make the right impression for the right market. 

For enquiries and bookings please call

Our Look, Feel & Appeal

Refined Casual Elegance

When Carla Rausch Designs first began providing Gold Coast property styling clients with rental furniture we knew that our stock had to be versatile enough to fit into any home whilst also reflecting the unique style that our studio is known for. ‘Refined casual elegance’ embodies the vision that we bring to each job, from furniture and accessories to the final touches that set a home apart, this phrase is reflected in every property that we stage.


CRD has an extensive and adaptable range of furniture available for hire that embodies the relaxed atmosphere of the Gold Coast, whilst also embracing our most popular coastal design styles.  All of our stock is carefully selected for each job to ensure that it highlights the best aspects of every property, drawing your eye towards the unique features that sell a home. By focusing on the smaller details, we are able to style spaces that feel welcoming and effortless. Elegant pieces are paired with soft textures and lush greenery to create spaces that ooze relaxation and personality, giving potential buyers a complete sensory experience as they walk through the home.


Our final goal for any Gold Coast Property Styling project is to make homes fresh and inviting, and to stimulate interest and conversation from buyers the second they walk through the door.


We don’t just furnish homes to make them more visually appealing, we are creating and selling a lifestyle.

Gold Coast Property Styling Projects
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