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Hillview Aged Care 

STATUS: Completed August 2018
SCOPE: Renovation

Inspired by the native flora and cheerful birdsong that surrounds Hillview’s Ashmore residence, the Carla Rausch Designs team set about designing friendly and inviting spaces in a high-end country colonial style. By using vibrant and opulent fabrics and adorning the walls with hand selected exclusive artworks, CRD was able to create harmonious spaces that infused refined casual elegance with Hillview’s 5 star service.

The CRD Interior design team carefully selected pieces that supplemented the existing furnishings throughout, CRD’s aim was to create an indoor outdoor flow by bringing in lush potted greenery with subtle hints to the surrounding sub-tropical environment.

The native flora and birds that inspired this design are reflected around the community. CRD created unique  identities for the rooms and patio spaces with timber plaques that boast the local botanicals and birds like the lorikeets, cockatoos and galahs that inhabit the residence's surrounding landscape.

Reflecting the premium services that Hillview offers in the design of their communal areas was imperative to creating an organic flow throughout the community, from the inside out. The inspiring and uplifting spaces designed by the CRD Team aim to create inviting and engaging environments for the beautiful residents and their families to enjoy.

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